The Lieubeau Family

Famille LIEUBEAU is the adventure of a passionate family, a human story, where knowledge and experience come together.

Pierre et Chantal Lieubeau founded Famille LIEUBEAU, when they arrived in Château-Thébaud in 1982. They continued the wine-making family tradition and extended the vineyard on this great wine-growing village.

François, the elder son, entered the business in 2010. François is a business school graduate, and in charge of the marketing and commercial development. Vincent and Marie, the two other children of the family, also bring their youth, experience and dynamism in participating to the enterprise choices and projects for the future.

Nicolas Ganichaud is the vineyard agricultural engineer and oenologist, in charge of the wine production. With the help of the team, he works on the research and development of production techniques to get more and more quality and successful wines. The business also relies on an efficient network of local, national as well as international partners and agents.

Famille LIEUBEAU is also about conviviality, warmth and reception. Chantal gathers with skill the friendly team, of both family and friends, always ready to give a hand in the organization of the great events of Famille LIEUBEAU life: open-days, tastings, family harvests.