Our History

The Roots

In 1816, the story of Famille LIEUBEAU started with Joseph Grégoire Lieubeau, child found in the porch of Hôtel Dieu, in Nantes. His name probably comes from LIEU BEAU (meaning “beautiful place”) in reference to the place quality and hospitality. Joseph Lieubeau grew up in La Haye Fouassière where he learnt the wine-grower’s know-how and continued the wine-making business of his adoptive parents.

The advent of the twentieth century, the pursuit of progress and discoveries

A very strong spirit of freedom emerged during the twentieth century. The hardship of the two world wars compelled two Lieubeau generations to leave their family and their vineyard. These events hurt strongly the family history. During these hard years, the Lieubeau wine-growers reached freedom and opened themselves to a new world of progress and discoveries.

Be free, follow through your projects

In 1978, when Pierre and Chantal, aged of 19, took over the family business, they were certainly the youngest couple in the region at the head of a vineyard. At that time, they were not very experienced but their willingness to build a great property was huge. In 1982, they decided to leave the cradle of the family vineyard to settle in Château-Thébaud, where they founded Famille LIEUBEAU.

The new century: the pleasure of wine and respected nature

At the age of maturity, as old vine stocks in their vineyard, Pierre and Chantal Lieubeau kept on moving upward with patience and conviction. They speak passionately about land and Muscadet. A secret? What secret do you want them to reveal? The secret of daring, undertaking, respecting a man’s work and perfecting year after year what the nature brings.