Château de l'Aulnaye

The property is a « Folie Nantaise », a restored residence carefully maintained by its owners. The walkway surrounding the formal garden offers a magnificent view on the two rivers confluence: Sèvre Nantaise and Maine. Every white wine connoisseur must come here to breathe and go for a walk among these very old Muscadet vines.

The cellar of the castle is one of the oldest in Nantes region. In 1645, Lamber Doomer, a young Dutch painter staying in the country of Nantes, walked up along the rivers discovering the white vines and wine-making traditions. Today, his paintings are exhibited at the Ashmolean Museum, in Oxford. They still show the rich wine-making past, through the description of harvest scenes and the grapes pressure with the help of an old wine press, as it used to be done in l’Aulnaye, centuries ago.

The old wine press and other former wine-making tools, still occupying l’Aulnaye cellar, keep this ancient atmosphere alive. Every year, Pierre and Chantal Lieubeau open the doors of the cellar and invite their customers to a family harvest day. This is a unique opportunity for them to tour the cellar and taste the vintages produced there.

Wines of Château de l'Aulnaye

Muscadet Sèvre & Maine sur Lie "Terroir de l'Aulnaye"

Muscadet Sèvre & Maine sur Lie “Terroir de l’Aulnaye”

Subtle nose with floral and mineral touch. Nice balance in mouth with a good persistence. Terroir de l’Aulnaye is a unique place on the two rivers confluence: Sèvre Nantaise and Maine, on a gneiss soil. The grapes turn golden and give the wine an asserted minerality.

» This wine is also part of our Classic Wines.

grape variety :

Melon de Bourgogne. 40-year old vines, 55 hl/hectare productivity.

location & soil :

Gneiss from l’Aulnaye vineyard.

vinification :

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie. Vinification on fine lees.

wine & food pairing :

Seafood, white meat, fish.
Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Cru Château Thébaud

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Chateau Thébaud

Pretty bright gold color. Very fine nose with notes of fresh broom and quince, a beautiful mineral (flint). Wide and long mouth with a tight end with good acidity.

» This wine is also part of our Grande Réserve Wines.

grape variety :

100% Melon de Bourgogne. 60 years old vines with limited yield.

location & soil :

Chateau de l'Aulnaye vineyard. Schiste and gneiss, coteaux de la Maine

vinification :

Traditionnal 40 months on the lees.

wine & food pairing :

White meats, fishs and cheese