Discover the mother earth of Famille LIEUBEAU wines.

Famille LIEUBEAU Muscadet Sèvre et Maine and Loire Valley wines come from the gathering of men, the land of Nantes and the mildness of the Loire river. Over the decades, the vineyards and cellars of the chateaux de la Bourdinière, de l’Aulnaye, de la Placelière and finally from Domaine de la Fruitière have fulfilled the variety of stories, terroirs and grapes, now intimately related to the production of our great wines. These vineyards are exclusively operated by Famille LIEUBEAU either owned or leased.

The magnificent properties recall the Middle Age, the Independence of Brittany, as well as the influence of Nantes with the booming of the port activity and the era of great travellers. Along the way, you will discover well-kept vineyards, full of flowers villages, and also narrow valleys where calm rivers flow. In this green countryside, you will share with the cheerful men and women of the West, the art of living and the conviviality of Nantes vineyard. The sea and river gastronomy from Nantes, is rich of rare spices and exoticism brought back from long travels. New flavours and new talents constantly appear. You are in Château-Thébaud, a land of men and women with personality, a land where the nature is protected and where innovation and motivation carry you away in a pleasure always renewed.

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