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Harvest report 2015

1-10-2015 — posted in News.

After a relatively cool winter, no spring frost event, but especially a perfect flowering, July and August have been warm and dry. In early September the last maturity checks let us expect an extraordinary vintage, on the standards of 1990 or 2009, Pays Nantais’ anthologies. But on last summer days, a short rain session came, refresh the vineyard and delay maturity. In the end of September, we concluded on the last days’ harvest by hand under a bright sun.

It is often said that these conditions reveal the good growers. All work throughout the year at the vineyard by Pierre, Vincent and the team had great results: short pruning, working the soil and / or natural grass cover, vine cares. In particular, this year extension of “palissage” and deleafing played beautifully, allowing us to maintain perfect sanitary state, stretch the dates, and therefore harvest at the best maturity. Our technical investments, combined with the team organization let us work the entire Fruitiere vineyard under press skin contact in order to further develop aromatics and fruit driven wines. Finally, the 2015 vintage offers beautiful degree / acidity balance and great aromatic potential with yields still in the low average (wood diseases).

An even more meticulous care has been taken into the culture and harvest of our vineyards from Crus Château-Thébaud and Clisson referring our organic farming conversion. At the vineyard, systematized plowing and green harvest allowed us to reach perfect maturity while preserving the ecological balance of our plots. At harvest, we have hired a 30 pickers team to extend hand harvest to all of our plot selection, a revival in the Famille LIEUBEAU history.